Avon – West

Bedfordshire – East (Men), Midlands (Women)

Berkshire – South

Buckinghamshire – South

Cambridgeshire – East

Channel Islands – West

Cheshire – North

Cornwall – West

Cumbria – North

Derbyshire – Midlands

Devon – West

Dorset – West (Women), South (Men)

Durham – North

Essex – East

Gloucestershire – West

Greater Manchester – North

Hampshire (inc IOW) – South

Herefordshire – West

Hertfordshire – East

Kent – South (Men), East (Women)




England is divided into five regions, each of which organises its own league structure.


WHY ARE THESE LEAGUES IMPORTANT?  Quite simply they are the leagues which feed the Conference Divisions of the England Hockey League. The Champions at the end of each season are promoted*.  It is also where sides relegated from the England Hockey League go. There is a full description of the League structure elsewhere on this site.

*NB: England Hockey League Rules do not permit two teams from the same club into the League. Consequently a 2nd team which is the regional league champion cannot be promoted if there is a another team from that club in the England Hockey League. As a result, the next highest team in the table is promoted. These rules do not prevent a men’s and women’s team from the same club competing in the England Hockey League.

Lancashire – North

Isle of Man – North

Leicestershire and Rutland – Midlands

Lincolnshire – East

Middlesex – South

Norfolk – East

Northamptonshire – Midlands

Northumberlands – North

Nottinghamshire – Midlands

Oxfordshire -South

Shropshire – Midlands

Somerset – West

Staffordshire – Midlands

Suffolk – East

Surrey – South

Sussex – South

Warwickshire – Midlands

Wiltshire – West

Worcestershire – Midlands

Yorkshire – North

Which area is your county in?  A guide:

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