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Asthma is an illness that constricts the airways and makes breathing difficult. Approximately five and a half million people in the UK are currently receiving treatment for asthma and included in that number are some international hockey players.  The editor of TalkHockeyRadio is amongst the sufferers.

For some reason, asthma is common amongst athletes. A survey showed that 15% of the athletes taking part in the 1996 Olympic Games had been diagnosed as having asthma. The fact that some elite athletes are able to take part in their chosen sport demonstrates that for most sufferers it is not a debilitating illness. This is mainly thanks to some of the medicines that have been developed in recent years to help asthma sufferers live with the symptoms. However, there is still no cure for asthma.

Unfortunately, people die from asthma. Although the figures are falling, it is estimated that approximately 1500 people die of the illness in the UK every year. Sadly, it is believed that the vast majority of these deaths are preventable.

A donation to Asthma UK can help research into this illness and may save a life.  A small price to pay for a photograph?   
Asthma UK is our adopted charity

You may have come across this page by accident or been asked to visit it. We have this page on the site to make it easy to make donations to Asthma UK by providing a direct link to their web site. So why should you make a donation? Well, obviously it’s a good cause. But in some cases we may have asked you to make a donation because we have supplied you with a photograph from the site at no charge. It is time consuming and unprofitable to bill customers for small sums, so we may have invited you to make a donation instead.  As we say elsewhere on this page, saving a life is a small price to pay for a photograph, so go ahead and make a donation.