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European interest takes many forms, including international tournaments and club tournaments, both indoors and out. In our European Competition pages you will find information about the European Nations Championships, the EuroHockey League, the women’s Club Champions Cup, and the various indoor tournaments for both nations and clubs.

Despite hockey having its own World Cup, winning an Olympic Medal is still regarded as the pinnacle of achievement for most hockey players. On our Olympic pages we have information about past Olympics, including London 2012, and we will be adding information about Rio 2016 as it comes in.

Hockey has its own world championship and this is held midway in the Olympic cycle. The next one will be in 2014 and will be hosted by the Dutch at The Hague. Information about past and future World Cups is on this page.  We also have information about the indoor World Cup.

This is a brand new competition, the first matches of which were played in 2012.  One of the aims of the World League is to provide a qualifying route to the Olympic Games and the World Cup. More information can be found on this page.

Men’s and Women’s Hockey has been included in the Commonwealth Games since 1998. Held every four years (in the same year as the Hockey World Cup) the next is in Glasgow in 2014. On our Commonwealth Games pages, you can find information about past Commonwealth Games and information about the 2014 Games as they become available.

Principal under the heading of ‘Other Internationals’ are the Champions Trophy and Champions Challenge. More details of these can be found on this page.

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