HOCKEY in ENGLAND’s Form and Progress Tables


It’s quite a simple idea really. Every week we record on the tables below the most recent position of each England Hockey League club in the league tables and the outcome of their most recent match. For more detail, see below.

League dates are rather complex in 2015-16, so the relevant week numbers are shown below as they occur.


Wk 1 – 12th/13th September

Wk 2 – 19th/20th September

Wk 3 – 26th/27th September

Wk 4 – 3rd/4th October

Wk 5 – 10th/11th October

Wk 6 – 17th/18th October

Wk 7 – 24th/25th October. Wk 7 updated on 2 November with postponed result from 11 Oct.

Wk 8 – 7th/8th November



After each weekend we show the position of each club in the England Hockey League. These are based on official tables maintained by England Hockey and Fixtures Live.


Against each week we indicate whether the clubs result was a win (Green), draw (Orange) or defeat (Red).  If a club has one or more games in hand, the relevant square remains grey.



Wk 9 – 14th/15th November

Wk 10 – 21st/22d November

    Wk 11 – 28/29 November

     Wk 12  –  Men’s Conferences 30 January,  Men’s Premier and Investec Women’s League 6th/7th February.

From Week 12 Men’s Premier, Conference and Investec Women’s Leagues, followed a different schedule.


Last Updated: 22/3/16 FINAL TABLE